Dominique Dorla

Another reality ...

Yaya pilon

Yaya pilon, 61x46cm, Huile sur toile, Saint-Leu Ile de la Réunion 2016.

Dominique Dorla was born in St Paul Reunion Island in 1973.She spends her childhood in the Chaudron area in Saint Denis .From her very young age she's always been attracted by drawing, painting and collecting various items along her walks.Those hobbies led her to build her self inner world where she could reach serenity independance and some kind of escape.

She taught History&Geography for 8 years, never stopping her artistic activities and finally moved over to her passion decaltop. In 2008 she joins the National Superior Art School in Le Port, she actually is an Art teatcher in the college Jean Le Toullec in Le Port. The contact with her pupils is for her a big source of inspiration and experiments.

Her journeys in Europe (London, Paris, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona) that allowed her to get impressed by various schools so classic as modern, as well as her stays on neighbouring islands and countries (Seychelles, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zanzibar) made appear the idea of an androgynous and multiple faceless character who would be pretext to revisit or to interpret both the classic masterpieces and the realities of her island.

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